2022 Outlook

As the New year begins and people are returning to work and school, here is a brief
COVID-19-related update on Legacy Medical Sales’ ongoing efforts on behalf of our customers and

With the Omicron variant of COVID-19 rapidly spreading throughout the country, we want to assure
you that we remain committed to the health and safety of our staff and customers. We continue to
take precautions to protect our employees, including masking, frequent cleaning, and widely
available hand sanitizer. We are fully stocked with essential Infection Prevention and Control
(IPAC) products for our customers and encourage you to check stocks and stay ahead of the curve so
you can effectively protect those in your care.

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our procurement team, to date Legacy Medical Sales has been
largely successful with ensuring a consistent supply of products despite the ongoing shipping and
sourcing challenges brought about by the pandemic. Our distribution facility continues to be fully
staffed at full capacity, to ensure that our clients get the materials that they need when they are
needed and we are developing additional sourcing options to support the stability of our supply

Industry experts are predicting additional delays and complications in shipping and supply chains
as we start off the new year. We will continue to exert considerable effort towards avoiding
back-ordered products, and we will remain in contact with you in the event of unavoidable
We encourage you to reach out with questions or comments. As always, please stay healthy and safe.

Jason Vogelsong