You just returned home after sustaining a neck injury at work. Your physician recommended a consultation with physical therapy which includes multiple visits to their facility over the next 12 weeks. Suddenly you are overwhelmed with the idea of scheduling these appointments and commuting to the therapist. 


There is another option. The Cervifit Neck Strengthening System is a physician prescribed telemedicine home rehabilitation system, the first of its kind. This program not only avoids the long travel to the therapist office but it is also covered by Workman’s Compensation and PIP ( personal insurance protection). The name comes from combining the words “cervical” and “fitness”, an innovative route that creator Alan Philipson took after suffering for years from his own debilitating chronic back pain. The Cervifit Neck Strengthening System is also manufactured in the US, something Philipson strongly stands by. 


“The device—it looks like a Spartan warrior helmet—essentially makes your head heavier, which challenges the muscles in your neck when it moves through various ranges of motion. This allows you to strengthen your neck in a more controlled manner without the need of a partner.” ( Haley A.,January 2016, Why Neck Strength Training is Becoming a Workout Requirement, Stack)


The science: Tri-axial accelerometer and tri-axial gyroscope provides highly accurate data points including ROM (Range of Motion) across all of the planes of movement. 

It identifies the head angle of the patient providing real time Artificial Intelligence (AI) physical therapist interaction and correction, substantially reducing improper technique and improving patient compliance and progress. The mobile accessibility of the device allows the user to access PT whenever and wherever they desire. All data is then collected and backed up with secure cloud storage in accordance with, and adherence to strict HIPPA compliance guidelines.


In 2017 it was estimated that untreatable neck and back pain was costing the US $88 billion per year, the third highest bill for any health condition. Most causes of this “back pain epidemic” are unexplained but can be attributed to obesity, sitting at desks for long hours, bad posture, and various work related injuries. Treatments typically include opioid painkillers, injections, electrical nerve stimulation, and physical therapy. 

Standard protocol is to prescribe physical therapy twice a week for 12 weeks per exacerbation. This cost is compounded by the time off required to commute and take part in physical therapy. With Cervifit patient costs are significantly reduced by not only rehabilitating at home- avoiding costly missed work, but also by purchasing the device as it is not available for rental or lease. 


“If it saves dollars and improves patient outcomes, then it makes sense. While traditional physical therapy is onerous, expensive and provides a compliance challenge, we see a future where technology provides a desperately needed solution to a complex problem.” (April DeSantis; CEO of National Ancillary Network Solutions.)