Legacy Medical Sales is Proud to Announce our Partnership with Harloff.

Legacy Medical Sales prides itself on offering a variety of made in the USA products, making our new partnership with Harloff a perfect match.  

“Harloff medical carts and cabinets are the best in the industry, for quality as well as longevity and I’m extremely proud to be able to sell them,” says Legacy Medical Sales Account Executive Joe Mei.  

Tailoring your custom cabinet and cart needs is as simple as contacting one of our Sales Representatives who can assist you through the entire process.  

About Harloff:  
“Medical carts and cabinets are what we live and breathe,” exclaims Dave Harloff. They have the largest selection of medical storage options in the industry, Harloff focuses exclusively on medical storage solutions to better assist medical professionals.  

Established in 1951, Harloff has been serving the medical industry since 1987. Their full-time design and engineering staff have over 100 years of industry experience. 

Their success is evident because they take pride in quality, convenience, on-time delivery, strong customer service with a satisfaction guarantee. 

Harloff designs, engineers and manufactures carts in-house within Colorado Springs, CO facility, and are “proud to be American made,” says owner Dave Harloff. 

With an unparalleled ability to do custom and unique projects, Harloff has helped to pioneer small cart innovations such as bayonet mounted ball-bearing drawer slides, fully modular customizable designs and carts shipped fully assembled. 

Harloff’s twelve year warranty is unsurpassed in the industry, showing a high standard of quality. The majority of their carts are still in service, in some cases withstanding twenty years of rigorous use. 

Need more information on Harloff’s products or questions about how to get your own custom made cart?  

Simply contact Legacy Medical Sales at (800) 446-7310 or info@legacymedicalsales.